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Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP) Service Life Standards

Important Consideration

There is no published service life or structural data for perforated pipe. All published data pertains to solid, coated culvert pipes- the base steel coil hot-dipped in molten zinc or aluminum prior to perforation. Fully perforated CSP pipe has thirty 3/8” diameter holes per square foot, each with exposed base metal around the circumference. The metal loss will be faster and the allowable wall compression stress and pipe stiffness will be lower for any perforated CSP pipe than it will be for solid galvanized pipe.

From - "Service Life Evaluation of Corrugated Steel Pipe..." Transportation Research Board 2003 Paper presented by Corrpro Companies Inc and sponsored by NCSPA (National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association):

"In fact, some systems are developed with a slotted pipe (undesirable from a corrosion perspective
as the edges corrode quicker than the coated material..."